The root of the troubles that have bedeviled our world is often left unaddressed because humans are largely emotional than rational. The majority of us are reactive in nature instead of pro-active. Those who rule this world, who determines what happens in this world are calculative and proactive and by so doing they create circumstances that the rest of the world will be reacting about while they sit back and watch the world dance the chess-game dance to the obviously predictable destination of the whims and caprices of their emotions.

This is why from time to time when events happen in the world some few persons seem to be able to predict the outcome and by so doing they are able to profit from the events whether it be negative or positive. These few individuals are the proactive ones. The ones that are likely to address any persistent issue from the root-cause if it will benefit them. However, the rest of us who react to every persisting issue don’t have what it takes to address issues from the very root because all we see are the branches.

Take for instance the issue of George Floyd in America. The average emotional citizens are protesting in anger thinking that their expression of disapproval (violent or nonviolent) will solve the issue of white police killing blacks. But it will not. Because acting out of anger has blinded them to the fact that what they are doing is merely cutting the branches and not the root cause. The pro-active few if they want to solve this issue will sit back and consider the root-cause and what kind of legislative bill will put an end to the killing of blacks by the police. You will never see them protest in anger, violent or nonviolent, they would rather let the reactive crowd cut the branches by protesting while they dig deep to uproot it from the roots with legislative bills or re-education.

Do you see why the Blacks anywhere in the world are not able to solve major issues affecting them? They are re-actors, not pro-actors. Also, look at the issue of a young girl being raped and killed in a local church in Nigeria and the child killed by police stray bullet. What do you have? Almost everyone reacting in anger. Some pro-actors who are busy trading blames and hating each other over tribe and religion.

How long are we going to be condemning and protesting against persistent penitent issues without solving them? When are we going to stop allowing our emotions to control us and become pro-actors who solve issues instead of crying and protesting about them? Do you even know that protest has its origin from slave revote? Do you wonder why Blacks are the most educated yet victims all over the world today? It is because we are re-actors and not pro-actors. It is time to change that.

Emotions like anger, fear, excitement, and even hate cannot solve the issues they are directed at, instead, they aggravate them. It is like a can of gasoline is opened and you are firing bullets at it. What you get is an explosion that will affect everyone. But the real issue, cans of gasoline will remain, waiting for someone to open them. If you must solve the issue, you either take the cans of gasoline far away, making sure nobody ever opens them or find a way to stop the production of gasoline.

Instead of reacting, let’s sit back and think of how to permanently put an end to or drastically reduce police brutality and violence anywhere in the world, America, Nigeria, India, China, etc. Dr. Martin Luther King while preaching civil disobedience was busy writing legislative bills. His preaching was a short-lived form of re-education and his legislative bill, a more permanent legal stamp. Is there anyone among the Blacks out there condemning the dastardly act against George Floyd who is determined to sponsor a bill to put an end to this? Or is this another kind of slave revote?

Education is nothing but a tool to create a new way of thinking, and that tool was weaponized the moment employment and the good-life became tied to it. The few pro-actors in this world are aware that the way to ultimate victory is mental reform glued in by moral conformity. We see the world move from training (colonial era) to education (information era) yet the curriculum remains the same, conformity to a certain way of thinking so you can be employable to have the good life.

This article is not about how the weapon of education has been used to oppress the many. No? It is about how we can use the same weapon of education to weed out the persistent issues that we protest about. Instead of those voted into positions feeling helpless because of the overwhelming violence, police brutality, abuse of power, and the likes, let them use the weapon of re-education and legislative bills to solve these issues. Protest is only useful when it is for constructive legislation to be passed and implemented.

We are only helpless when we remain in the crowded crowd of re-active protesters instead of joining the pro-active few. You cannot change anything by reacting to it. You change things by looking into the root cause, and that’s what pro-actors do. If you want to get rid of a tree you uproot it. If you cut the branches of a tree, it will sprout again.

I see people in reacting to #justiceforUwa coming after the church and even God, that’s reactive behavior. It wouldn’t solve the issue. Why not sit down and think of a solution. What would have prevented her from being raped and killed in the church? If the perpetrators knew they would be caught and may be sentenced to death, would they do it? If we have laws in the nation that mandate all churches no matter how small to have CCTV cameras remotely connected to the nearest police station would that help? These kinds of questions will help uproot issues like this not angrily cutting the branches by blaming and calling out people on Twitter.

Also, like the cases of #GeorgeFloyd and #JusticeForTina I see people calling out the police or even violently coming after them. It wouldn’t solve the issue. Think of what would have prevented it from happening. Will re-education help, or better still new kind of education promoting equality from age one, using nonlethal fire-arms, cameras in police uniforms etc. Yeah, we are emotional beings, we are free to react in anger but it must not end there. We must be responsible enough to take ownership of the change we want to see.

Re-actors are not winners, they are wailers. Choose to be a pro-actor instead of a re-actor because pro-actors are winners.