The highly esteemed Nubia beauties of mother earth please think with me for a moment.  Empty your minds and think with me, just this very moment.

How long are you going to be fighting blindly only to rest and start the same fight all over again, another, another month, another year, with empty noise, without victory, without success? How long?

Many years after the chains of slavery and segregation were broken; you are still out here fighting injustice against the Black race. Many years after you attain your physical freedom, you still find yourself entangled in mental bondage. When will you learn to fight like free people, not like men in mental chains?

Think with me for a moment, protest or revolt is a tool used by slaves to send a strong message to the oppressor. Now, is the time for us to ask ourselves if this tool of protest is really working for us. If it has been working, we won’t be back time and time again protesting for the same thing. Maybe it works sometimes but not all the time. What if there is a better way?

Yes, fight, we must but we must fight intelligently. Strategic warfare is for generational thinkers not for emotional enslaved people. To get out of slavery our forefathers organized themselves, hiding and holding strategic think-tank meetings in the dark from one plantation to another. Such meetings were the real threat to their oppressors, not the protest and revolts. When are we going to learn to organize ourselves and fight intelligently like our forefathers?

Yes, #BlackLivesMatter only if we make it matter by holding on to the things that matter. Think with me for a moment. Until Dr. Martin Luther King activated and unleashed the weapon of the Black Economy, freedom was not in view. Black lives will only matter to the system when we take the fight from the bloody dirty street to the main street of Wall Street, engage the system with economic warfare and the table of negotiation will spread her legs like a prostitute to green notes.

Think with me for a moment, it is time we organize ourselves, access, and activate our economic arsenal. Like the Jewish people, we must plan generationally. We must plant our men and women in the high tables across the seven mountains of influence – politics & governance, education, religion, family, science & technology, entertainment & news media, and business & finance.

You see, the Jewish people are a tiny fraction in America yet they don’t beg for power or change as we do, they are consulted by those in power before any change is initiated. Why? It is simply because they dominate the seven mountains of influence. But we, the Black Lives that matter only participate in Religion and Entertainment, I said participant, not dominate. If we must win, we must position ourselves to dominate at least four of the seven mountains of culture.

Think with me for a moment, Black culture exists, it is alive, popular and loved by many but it has not been properly channel to dominate yet like the Chinese or Jewish culture. Why? Something is missing. What Black need to dominate are economic power and a unifying thread. The Jewish culture is strong because of her economic power and the unifying thread of the Jewish religion.

We can build economic power only if we have a unifying thread. What do you think can unify African Americans? When the uncultured uneducated Black lady hates his educated Black brother for marrying a White unacceptable lady, is there still hope? When the African Americans hate their Black brothers from Africa descent for being too educated and are almost White ass kisser, is there hope? Think with me, please, think with me for a moment.

Yes, there is hope, if we can find one thing that unifies us, there is hope. Is there any part of Black culture that can unify us, old or young, educated or uneducated, wild or gentle, loud-mouthed, or reserved? Can our music unify us? Since there is no unifying language, religion, food, or lifestyle that we can all agree on, can we at least agree on the love for African American Hip-Pop music?

Think with me for a moment. Can we have the African American music diners where we can be free together, plan, and promote love together? Like the Jewish temples, can a decent music parlor (some kind of diner) be that common ground for African Americans to converge, be free, love each other, help each other, plan businesses and institutions that will further aid the Black course? No, no, not a place for violence and drugs, the word is DECENT place where all people of colour are accepted. The purpose is to come together and build a future of economic power.

Please, think with me this last time. Do you know, with a place like this, we can together stir the course of the rich nations of Africa. The vast wealth of Africa is being looted every day and brought to Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East to further oppressor you, my Black brothers. Can you imagine that wealth is stolen from your ancestral homes and the same wealth is empowering your oppressors instead of you the original owners of the wealth?

Imagine if that wealth can find its way into a DECENT place where it can be put to good use to further benefit all the people of colour, anywhere in the world. This is a course worth dying for. Let’s start here, erecting music diners all over the place and building a common economy for the Black people.