‘Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful.’ (Psalm 1:1)

When you walk with them you will certainly stand with them and eventually sit out of fatigue or out of conviction. There is influence everywhere. Life will never permit you to, isolate yourself, as long as you relate with people you are prone to influence. Jesus came and said, ‘follow me and I will make you .. .’ That is influence extra-ordinary.

Why will a man just decide to follow another? Who you follow determines your direction How you follow determines how far you will go. What you learn from who you follow determines the quality of your achievement.

It is a fact that men are easily influenced because it is easier to bow than to stand. But, what if you are the one influencing others. God did not call us to conform but to transform. We have the mandate to transform others. The only way to stand away from others’ influence is to influence others.

Nothing stands alone. The Ecosystem taught us that everything is connected. Nothing exists without being influenced by another. The Sun, which Is the original source of energy in the ecosystem influences plants, which convert the light energy into chemical energy, storing it in their cells.

What is Influence? Influence is one’s ability to change another’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Influence is one of the key fundamental steps to success.


The primitive method of Influence

This is what children do. To influence mum and dad, they just scream. However, many adults still use this method today, they scream at you hoping that they make you do what they want you to do. This is the reason that over here in Africa, parents scream at their children to make them do something they want them to do. This accounts for why some mature ladies still cry to influence others, baby, that is primitive.


Salesmen Method of Influence

This is called the persuasion technique, trying to convince others that they should follow us. Today, many people use this to manipulate people in a power game of trying to make them believe in what is not real, basically feeding your fantasies and giving you hope that doesn’t exist. Those who use this technique, also make sure there is something you want that he promises to give to you, they exploit your passion and desires. The problem with this kind is that when the people you are trying to influence finally sniffed you out as a manipulator they run away from you. They will start seeing you as a hunter, trying to hunt them for your own interest not that you are interested in them.


Selfsales Method of Influence

This is called character or personal development techniques. It is more like fishing rather than hunting. When you hunt, you chase games, and games run away from you. But when fishing you wait and fish (game) come to you.

In fishing you will need the following;

  1. There have to be a fish
  2. The fish should be hungry
  3. You should have the right bait
  4. The bait should be properly presented

Therefore, we have fish, hunger, bait, and presentation. This is all you need to influence others. The right people to influence should be there, you must have something they need, you must become the bait, attractive enough for them to want to come closer, and finally the manner you show up and present what you have is most important. All you have to do is to attract them. When you are attractive you effortlessly influence people.


All you need to influence others

Be attractive: this has to do with the presentation, the way you dress, talk, live, etc, to be really attractive you should first all be yourself. Don’t pretend, be yourself.

Be honest: to truly influence others, you will need integrity and try to be honest all the time. Integrity is not just a way of life but little stones that build us a house. Integrity helps you build a bank of trust in others that you can withdraw from in the future.

Be optimistic: nobody wants to follow a pessimist, people prefer to hope to hopelessness. Our words should give others hope, I know some men are realists but those who influence others must see beyond the circumstances.

Be interested rather than being interesting. Interesting people are entertainers, interested people are leaders. Be in people-service relationships. Every relationship you get involved in should be to render service to the other. Selfishness doesn’t influence others, sacrifice does.

Be likable: tolerate more than you irritate. In other not to irritate people always look at their faces when talking to them, the face speaks the language of the heart.

Be ready: you should be ready to help at any time. Be prepared with stuff that they want. Since you are the bait (product), you should be available. Be in the market. The cheapest way to make others respect/believe in you is to offer advice when they need it most.

Finally, it is time to think and influence this article, add to the thought, present it to another, and see how they take it.