Meet Austin Imoru

Like every average person, Austin Imoru never wanted to be directly involved in marketing until he accidentally sold more copies of his book, ‘The Woman and Her Sexuality’ than that of a paid marketing company and a global publishing company combine. His marketing strategies are very unconventional, easy, measurable and affordable. If you want to globalize your brand by engaging blogging and Social Media marketing opportunities, then you need to meet Austin Imoru. He is an outstanding coach who works with any budget to generate customized leads for businesses and tailored reach for celebs and politicians. They call him the digital marketing specialist who popularised the “Tell-2-Sell” marketing technique that is generating millions of leads for businesses.

Call him a dynamic curator who is particularly passionate about the need for every individual to pursue their dreams. He believes idleness is a crime to humanity and that anybody can live better if he finds a dream and set sail towards it. This passion gave birth to Shopreneur, a YouTube platform that engages, equips and encourages entrepreneurs.

Austin is the man you call when you want a million REACH in the shortest time possible for a “Tell-2-Sell” technique. To many, he is a storyteller who inspires others to do much more to get the best out of life. To some, he is an inspiring author, an outstanding dream coach and a brand influencer. He helped founded groups like Startup Marketing NG, FineLines Publishers, Sisters’ House of Esteem, Super Bloggers Contest and Talking about creative writing he authored the popular book, ‘The Woman and Her Sexuality’ and such books as 21 Habits of Highly Successful Students, Non-Sense that makes People Rich, The Secret Key to Jewish Wealth, Genius Instinct, and several others.

To back up his passion for training and presentation, he got certified by John C. Maxwell Leadership Institutes as trainer/coach and Dr. Joshua Freedman of Six-Seconds as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coach.