After researching about growing your earnings before you spend it for over four years, I found out the simple truth that will be hard for you to believe. I found there are just two ways to do this, this risky and safe way.

The safe way is slow and boring. The risk is very low so is the return, which is why most people wouldn’t want to go there. But it is still better than spending your money without trying to grow it.

The risky way is quick and full of uncertainty, but it works when you know what you are doing. Only a few know how to do this well and they are the wealthy ones around us today. The likes of #JeffBezos, #BillGates, #WarrenBuffett, and #DonaldTrump.

I found out that if you choose to go the risky route, you need to get the knowledge first. Knowledge is the key to growing your money fast. It is like a field full of landmines, only those with expertise (knowledge) dare go there. If must thread in this field you need adequate knowledge.

Before I found this truth, I used to wonder why the likes of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates kept talking about reading to get more knowledge. Then I realized they were not talking about general knowledge, they were referring to the knowledge to play on the landmines of growing wealth.

It was then I found the secret behind their wealth. It is in knowing how to invest wisely after earning the money. Earning is the foundation, growing wealth, and doing so fast is the structure. So how do you wisely invest without getting in trouble?

Learn to invest like the very wealthy rich guys we all know. Invest in these three unfailing angles.

  1. Invest in the Money Market (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Forex, etc)
  2. Invest in Real Estate Market
  3. Invest in Fast Selling Products (FSP)

Yes, all the really wealthy guys you know today belong in either of these categories or are practically involved in all of them. They risk it in the money market, earn it in the real estate world, or gig it with fast selling products.  Watch the video below to fully understand this.

What are you going to do, risk it, earn it or gig it? Are you ready to be wealthy and if you like to become filthy rich by doubling your earnings each time it comes to you or just keeps spending the way you have been doing? The choice is yours. Grow your money now or keep complaining.

Now, it’s your turn. Share with your loved ones and start taking massive actions now!