What if I tell you that failure is a training course for success? What if I say that I have first-hand experience, and also in all my research, I have come to realize that those who failed greatly ended up, to have succeeded greatly in life? I want you to understand that “It is a blessing to have failed once in life. For every failure helps trigger off lines of successes.” Failure is not a curse; it is a blessing, as long as you learn how to manage the lessons learned in failure. Like great minds in the past once said, “every time you fall, make sure you pick up something.” I advise you to pick up experience, learn how not to fail by failing. Failure anytime, anywhere is a course, study it and achieve outstanding success. 

I believe failure is a training ground for all who are adventurous at heart. Wise men never accept failure as defeat, for they believe there are always lessons to learn from a very great fall. I know that lessons learned from failure help make decisions that help make great success possible. Sure enough in every labour there is profit. Even if you fail in your labour, there is still profit as long as you learn from the failed labour. Failure is only a question of attitude.

A man failed an examination once and learned a few lessons on which he based his vow not to ever fail again or to achieve success at all cost. Thomas Edison’s failures helped him discover what wouldn’t work and drew him closer to the success that was possible. Failure in itself is a blessing that if we stick to the ropes will give us success. 

When a man strives for success and encounters setbacks instead, he has not failed, the truth is that life just handed to him a golden stable for success. Yeah, that is what failure is. Failure is the stable of success. There was no success that wasn’t bred in this stable. When a man finds failure while looking for success, he just found himself a pathway to success.

I want you to think about it. Every setback of what we call failure, that you have ever encountered before now was a gift of success handed over to you by nature. If you will only pay a little attention to the failures you encounter, you will see success written in all its fragilities. If you think you have failed, think again, it is not failure, it is the necessary training you need to achieve success. Every failure is a gift, stop seeing failure as evil, it is your stepping stone to huge success. 

Reading through my book The Truth & Lies of Failure again last week, I was shocked by the following line, “To fail early in life is to develop hope of success; to fail in the middle of life is to have a grip on success and to fail late in life is a wisdom test of true hope and determination.” (books by Austin Imoru)

Of a truth, to succeed tremendously we need wisdom tested by hope. Those who did not know the pains of waiting for huge success might pass success by on their way to seek success and will not know that success is often dressed up in the garments of failure which only determination can uncover. Hope is the necessary tool that uncovers success anytime. Like some great wise men declared in time past, “hope and refuse to quit because your success might be in the next bend.” 

Let me speak to you directly, those who have tasted failure and who gave up for the fear of failing again, never find success. Those who tasted failure and made a stable out of it will find success smiling at them. The stable is a place of learning. You must learn from your failures. Refuse to give up when it seems like you have failed. Look at the situation again with the intention of giving it meaning, and there you will find true success. Besides, success without a marching story will not be a success after all. All successes have corresponding stories thus we have his-story. 

I will leave you with the advice of Samuel Beckett “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” And at the end record will show that you never failed, you only navigated your way through what will not work and find the true path to success.