The Woman and Her Sexuality

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The Woman & Her Sexuality is a must read for every young woman and those men who love them. You are not permitted to say you are in love if you have not read this book. Who knows, you might just be speaking in error. Here is a very powerful book that unveils some salient truths that have been hidden from the woman for a very long time. It uncovers simple truths that will set her free.

The author in common clear-cut style made it plain and simple that every woman is unbearable sexy, if she knows how to wave her confidence. He also divulged the fact that any woman can find genuine love without heartbreak if she knows how to fine-tune her software. And with uncanny facts demonstrated how women are intellectually smarter than most men if they know how to filter their emotions. These are facts that were espoused in this book and more.

Several highly accomplished women contributed their wealth of experiences, to help those women who desire a fulfilled life. They help examines the pauses in time that continually ridicule, victimize and endanger the woman. These contributions drive home the proverbial knowledge that the woman is lost in the shuffle between reality and fantasy. And finally proffers answers to her aged questions of; Why do I feel the way I do? What is it that I really want? How can I manage my surging emotions? Can I be smarter than this? Beyond the bed, what influence do I have?

This book provides the answers to the many questions women ask about themselves and the society. These questions are captured in five chapters, each dealing with one of the five questions most women often asked. They were stylishly captured in the following; the woman and her software, the woman and her pleasures, the woman and her sexuality, the woman and her intellect and finally the woman and her influence.


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