21 Habits of Highly Successful Student

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21 Habits of Highly Successful Student is one of the best books ever written to help students surpass weaknesses and emerged top academic success. It is an adoption of cultural wisdom in everyday life of every student. In ordinary palace, it is a collection of success tactics of the best of the best students all over the world. It holds success principles that can turn struggling students to success overnight. It’s designed to help simplify success into daily routine called habits. It presents profitable habits in a trim-to-fit lifestyle that any student can master. The book boldly declared that there no such thing as a dull student anywhere, only smart, intelligent and lazy students and also that all textbooks carry no meaning only intentions.

The book has 21 chapters with an initial kick off page that attempted to personalize the habit of success. The author builds a very creative conclusion in what he termed ‘set off’ page in which he summaries the 21 habits to help drive the reader to take advantage of all that was learnt in the book. Each chapter summaries its point and challenge the reader to use the work to develop profitable habits immediately.

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“Success is not hard if our habits are in place. You don’t struggle with failure when you have success habits. Take care of your habit and they will take care of you. Your success is not in the future, it is in what you do daily. Your future is not in your hands, it is in your mind. With your mind build a daily routine of success for yourself. Only you have the key to your success. Take out time to build your habits and success will be yours naturally.”


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